Welcome to H.A. Hanlon Elementary School!    
I invite you to explore the classroom teachers' websites as well as this website to gather useful information about your child's learning experiences, our programs, and policies in our school. 

As many of you know, New York State has adopted new Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Math which are shared with almost all of the 50 states.  We are excited and happy to announce that all of our students will be receiving their third year of instruction that is directly aligned to these new Common Core Learning Standards.  Additionally, we will continue to implement our reading and math curriculums to meet these standards which are Reading Street and Math in Focus - The Singapore Math Approach. 

To learn more about the new Common Core Learning Standards as well as other pertinent information, just click on the links listed on side of this page.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at rfrancischelli
@gstboces.org or by phone at 594-3341 X3800. 


Mr. Francischelli
Hanlon Elementary Principal, Grades 3-6