Homework Practice Assignment Policy
I am making an effort to reduce the amount of work students are bringing home to finish. Students will be expected to practice new learning for every new lesson, but I will give as much classtime as I can to allowing students to complete the work in class and will give credit during class as students finish. Only unfinished assignments will be send home. If you want to know if your student completed their work, please log into the Parent Portal to check the grade for that day's assignment. If it is a grade of "10" the student completed the work. Anything from 5 - 9 indicates that the student did half or more of the assignment. A "0" indicates the student finished less than half or none of the assignment. If you see anything less than a 10, the student should be finishing their assignment at home. 

You can get a daily message about what the practice assignment is if you subscribe to my Remind account (see tab on the side)

Practice assignments are 30% of the overall grade. A full credit assginment is complete with all problems attempted and work shown as applicable. Ten points is the numerical grade for completing the assignment, although it is scored based on completeness, not correctness. Some assignments will include an answer key so that students can self check.Work must still be shown in order to receive ANY credit. 

Accepting late work can be a touchy subject. I accept late work until the end of each quarter. While students are not penalized and may not learn to be more responsible with their time, I value the fact that they are going to practice skills that are truly necessary not only for this year, but future math courses.

If you want to know how well your student is keeping up with assignments, please sign up for and check your parent portal account. If you need to sign up for the parent portal, please call EDA main office.