In Person Tutoring
If your student needs tutoring, I am available:
  • Mornings* from 7:45 on.Students must ask for a pass from me the day before in order to enter the building and walk to my classroom. If you send me an email the night before, I can also meet students at the library entrance.
  • After school until 4:00, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I prefer if students let me know they are coming, but drop-ins are welcome
  • During my free periods* during the school day IF your student has a studyhall/lunch. Students MUST GET A PRE-SIGNED PASS to show the studyhall/lunch staff in order to leave to come to my room. .

I also have a YouTube channel. I have created a video for every lesson I teach. Let's say your student was working on assignment 4-5. Go to the search bar and type: Mrs Andrews Math 8 4-5. The first video that pops up will be my video. If a student is in Algebra and wants the video for lesson 3-2, they would type Mrs Andrews ALG 8 3-2