Mrs. Horton
7th & 8th Grade Special Education Teacher
Watkins Glen High School: Room 741
535-3210 ext. 1741


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Welcome to our classroom page for Math and Science! You may want to jump over to Mrs. Shirley's page for ELA and SS.

Daily Schedule

7:52-7:57- Homeroom
8:00-8:44- Period 1

8:47-9:31- Period 2
9:34-10:18- Period 3
10:21-11:05- Period 4
11:08-11:35- Lunch
11:38-12:22- Period 6
12:25-1:09- Period 7
1:12-1:56- Period 8
1:59-2:47- Period 9
*Early dismissals are at 11:25

Curriculum- Each child's learning experience will be tailored to their current academic achievement level. I will be utilizing the Common Core EngageNY modules for Math, and the FOSS curriculum for science, with other supplemental curriculums and activities tied in to both.

Behavior- I will be impletementing ClassDOJO to track student behavior. Each day your child has the opportunity to earn positive and negative points based on their behavior. The skills will directly align with the following classroom expectations. You can sign up with ClassDOJO to get access to view how your child has done each day!
Please be respectful
Please be responsible
Please use appropriate language/behavior
Please follow directions
Please be safe  
Verbal warning (no more than 2)

Lunch detention
Email/call home
Write up and referral to disciplinarian
Homework- Your child will be assigned homework for Math class Monday-Thursday, but they will have plenty of time to complete it during their support study hall. Please do not assume that they have finished it in school though. I reccommend asking your child each night if they have homework. There will be no homework assigned for Science class. I do reccommend working on your child's math facts at home (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). If you have any questions regarding what your child is learning at school, or what you can do to support their learning at home, please feel free to reach out.
Symbaloo- You can find the link to my Symbaloo on the right-hand side. This will have various tools and references for you to use, as well as many links for students to use for research and educational games and sites. Your child should be familiar with this, as we use it in class often.

A good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort among the parents, students, and teachers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email will be the best route. We are looking forward to all of the learning and fun we will accomplish together this year!