Welcome to Ms. Easterly's webpage. 

This is my first year at Watkins Glen Central School, but it is my third year teaching. I have previously worked as a 6th grade Science and Social Studies teacher in Utica, NY.

My goal for this year is to help your child be an independent and responsible learner as well as to show him or her how to make respectful and responsible choices. To accomplish this goal, there will be regular homework and we will be making the most of our class time. My expectations for each student is very high and I know we can all work together to achieve their fullest potential.

I believe communication is the key to a successful classroom experience. On the side of this page, I have listed my email link. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. 


Math: There will be daily math homework that is written in the planner each day.

ELA: Read for 30 minutes a day at home. Make sure to document it on the Book It! worksheet!

SS: There is a weekly Geography packet that is sent on the first day of the week and is due by the end of that same week. 

Science: Check the planner to see if there is Science HW

Important Upcoming Dates:

November 10th - NO SCHOOL, Vereran's Day
November 13th - NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 17 - Paul Stillman; speaker

November 22nd-24th - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break