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Title: What won't be around in 2020?
Category: Training
Description: committed sardine
Ten things that won't be around in Education in 2020...

Do you agree? Are there more items you can add to the list?

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Comment Posted by: K B at 04:06:54 PM on 04/26/2011

Another great entry by Mr. Jukes

Comment Posted by: Nancy at 04:58:01 PM on 04/19/2011

As a parent, I like the no more crazy amount of papers coming home. Yipee!!

Comment Posted by: Alison at 04:56:23 PM on 04/19/2011

I agree with the way that education is heading. My concern currently is the end of homework. I believe that students already falter when it comes to doing things on their own. My issue is how to motivate students to want to learn more even if its not something that will show up the standardized tests. Language, in my opinion, should be assessed in real settings, and may be the new technology will help us do that.

Comment Posted by: Renay at 04:55:17 PM on 04/19/2011

Along with CD players, I believe DVD players will also go away. Netflix is leaning toward more streaming that DVD rental.

Comment Posted by: Chad at 04:54:05 PM on 04/19/2011

This is all well and good, but until educational funding stablizes or even increases, the items discussed in this article are nothing more than utopian view. I often think if the goal is for politicians and the wealthy to make the rest of the nation dumb so that they can do and say whatever they want.

Comment Posted by: Abby at 04:52:03 PM on 04/19/2011

This is amazing because I feel so old-school!!