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Title: Great First Day
Category: general
Description: first day

Great First Day

I'm so excited about this year after seeing all of you today.  I didn't have to discipline anyone...and that's refreshing.  You were prepared and attentive, you participated and, most importantly, respected each other.  Keep it up and this will be your best year ever!

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Comment Posted by: kassie at 05:00:26 PM on 06/09/2010

its been a great year with you and mrs.prawel and i hope to see u guys again!

Comment Posted by: meghan at 06:45:28 PM on 09/10/2009

Hey Mrs. Sykes had a great 1st 2nd and 3rd day and i can't wait for tomorrow!

Comment Posted by: ryan horan at 04:41:39 PM on 09/10/2009

I really like your page! I am really enjoying 6th grade. I can't wait for the rest of the year!

Comment Posted by: skylar at 11:50:02 AM on 09/10/2009

6th grade ia SO fun so far I cant till next week!!!!

Comment Posted by: maddux minton at 11:40:35 AM on 09/10/2009

i am very excited to move on in the school

Comment Posted by: alyssa calhoun at 08:17:37 PM on 09/09/2009

hey I love your web site, and I hope its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Posted by: rachel at 03:39:52 PM on 09/09/2009

this first day when we did all that stuff made me want to look forward to this school year unlike I'd looked forward to being older and going in to first grade.