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Title: Podcast Script Review Questions
Category: Student Writing
Description: Here are some questions to help you edit your classmates' scripts!

Does the script include an introduction, short overview? If not, revisit the podcast handout and give advice about what the authors’ overview should include. 

Identify two passages of dialogue where the script can be revised for brevity, or conciseness. Remember the adage: “write tight.” Revisit your podcast handout for ideas about how to revise writing for conciseness. Suggest how the author’s could re-write their scripts for tighter writing.
Are all numbers written as words? If not identify all numbers that need to be written as words.
Are contractions used? Identify where the authors used contractions so that the can eliminate the contractions.
Does the script include a closing, a short “outro” or concluding bumper? If not, revisit the podcast handout and give advice about what their closing should include.
Does the script include which music will be used for an introduction, conclusion and during the podcast? If not, bring this to the attention of the authors.

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