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Title: Climate Change
Category: Climate change
Description: National Geographic
Read the following National Geographic special presentation on climate change.
When you are done please post your reactions, ideas, thoughts, or questions on the blog.
Have fun!

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Comment Posted by: Mrs. Tuttle at 08:44:59 AM on 06/15/2016

Ryan, it is very discouraging to think so many people aren't concerned about climate change.

Comment Posted by: Ryan Ess at 03:52:00 PM on 06/14/2016

hi Miss Tuttle l just read about climate change.By the video's that l saw a lot of people don't care about the climate change.P.S IT IS weird talking about science when am not actually in science class

Comment Posted by: Eric Shelhamer at 01:44:31 PM on 06/14/2016

Wow, this is really eye-opening.

Comment Posted by: Ariana Halloway at 01:37:21 PM on 06/14/2016

I think its amazing how our world is changing but its also scary because everything could be changing and it could become really drastic in some cases but im excited to keep researching and find out what we can do to help the world and stop the world from becoming something terrible because its our HOME!We want to keep it as safe as possible

Comment Posted by: Kyle Stukey at 01:37:10 PM on 06/14/2016

I cant believe how old bill nye looks, its crazy, him with gray hair still talking about science. the video was cool. It was relaxing im not sure why tho

Comment Posted by: michael m at 01:33:56 PM on 06/14/2016

the first article that I read was very interesting even though I know a lot about it

Comment Posted by: mike held at 01:32:34 PM on 06/14/2016

I thought this was a very helpful presentation. I learned more on how climates change based on there location. was there any sound or were my headphones messed up??

Comment Posted by: Sedona at 01:29:39 PM on 06/14/2016

I thought that the article was interesting. I thought that the most interesting part was when they said that the sea level may rise up to 4 feet more than it is now.