Pre-Assessments 2010

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Title: Student Growth K-2
Category: PE Assessment
Description: Pre-Assessment K-2nd 2010

Pre-Assessments for grades K-2

Manipulative Skills:

Throwing: opposite arm used to aim at target, step with opposite foot of throwing arm, eyes on target, follow through
Catching: hands only (ball does not hit chest), moves hands to adjust to throw, watches ball into hands, quantity
Striking: contact with the ball off of a T or cone, able to “swing” the bat, step into swing, quantity
Kicking: step with opposite kicking foot, place opposite foot next to ball, contact with laces, toe down
Locomotor Skills
Walking: balance (alternating each foot), control (using arms), one foot in front of the other, toes straight ahead
Running: same as walking, more emphasis on control and safety
Jumping: leave the ground off of 2 feet and land on 2 feet
Hopping: leave the ground off of 1 foot and land on same foot
Leaping: leave the ground off of 1 foot and land on opposite foot
Skipping: step and hop on 1 foot and repeat with other foot, alternating after each step/hop sequence
Galloping: trunk/shoulders forward, back foot from back to middle, front foot from middle to front, feet do not cross
Sliding: sideways shuffle, feet do not cross
Stopping: stopping under control, balance
Dodging: avoid contact while maintaining balance and control

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Comment Posted by: vicky at 02:46:42 PM on 09/16/2010

glad to see you are getting prepared for NYS regs!