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Title: Why do you value education?
Category: General Topics

Why do you value education?


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Comment Posted by: Mel Voorheis at 07:44:48 PM on 01/03/2011

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I value education because there is no thrill like watching the "light bulb" turn on when a student learns something new, or the way they stand talle when they master a new concept . . . then it's great life!

Comment Posted by: Betty Powell at 12:28:04 PM on 11/19/2010

Education makes us thoughtful, reflective people, and it is only through a process such as this that we can create a better place for all.

Comment Posted by: A student :) at 04:34:13 PM on 10/18/2010

I value education because it makes me feel like i have to opportunity to anything in the world i choose to, and no one can hold me back. The more i learn the less ignorant to the world i feel and it makes my input to things have a lot greater impact because i actually know what i'm talking about. In only a few years i'll go into the world knowing that I got the best education i could.

Comment Posted by: Mr. Pfarrer at 09:14:56 AM on 10/15/2010

Education is not just my profession - it's my basic approach to life. The importance of educational success to one's economic future is a given. Beyond that, though, learning new things is one of the surest routes to a sense of wonder, appreciation, and humility as an adult. I find the thought that there's always more to learn comforting.

Comment Posted by: Jana Leyden at 08:21:46 AM on 10/15/2010

I value reading. Not only do I value reading, but I love it when a student falls head-over-heels for a piece of self-selected literature. When Jackie comes back to my room to sign out her 56th book of the year, I'm elated at how well she's feeding her brain. When Joe tells me that "You've turned me into a reader, and it’s a little weird", I carry a smile with me for the rest of the day. When Michael's reading for "fun" during his study hall, instead of wasting time, I'm grateful for the power of a good book. When all of my students discover that there is actually a book out there for each one of them, if they only look for them, it makes my heart happy. Here's to life-long readers! :)