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Title: DI (Differentiated Instruction)
Category: General Topics
Description: For participants in the workshop

Please write down your thoughts to one or more of the following prompts:

  • How can we adapt our teaching practice to meet and affirm the diverse needs and strengths of our students?
  • How can diversified instruction improve success for all students?
  • How are 21st century literacies integral to diversified instruction?

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Comment Posted by: Cathy at 03:24:42 PM on 11/18/2010

•How can we adapt our teaching practice to meet and affirm the diverse needs and strengths of our students? -By teaching to students' interests/learning styles, to make the curriculum as relevant and interesting to all students as possible. For example, allowing students to produce work according to their learning styles(ex. giving oral reports instead of written, or creating blogs) may help them produce a better end product for them, and make the information more meaningful to them. -By placing students in cooperative learning groups according to their learning preferences.

Comment Posted by: Tabitha Clark at 03:23:44 PM on 11/18/2010

Diversified instruction can improve success for all students because it allows for each individual students needs to be met. Not all students learn in the same way so we shouldn't expect one strategy to work for all students. Some students need to see the process, others need to hear it, while still others need to carry out the process. If we integrate many different instructional techniques into our classroom we will be better able to make sure all students are learning and being successful in the classroom.

Comment Posted by: barry at 03:23:23 PM on 11/18/2010

We can adapt our teaching practice by creating multiple ways for students to show what they know and can do, as well as by creating multiple ways for students to access what we are tyring to teach them. By diversifying instruction in this way, we increase the likelihood that all students will be successful because we increase the chances that we have provided a structure that connects with who each student is as a learner. One of the ways to connect with students is through 21st century technologies, both in terms of the content we share with students and the ways in which we share content with students. 21st century technologies also connect with students when we use them as a vehicle for students to show us what they know and can do.