WELCOME to Ridge Road Room 129

Notes to Parents/Guardians:
Please be sure to sign or initial the assignment sheet nightly and empty the right-hand side of the red folder.  Please use the "Return-to-School" side for any papers needing to be returned or signed. 
Please see that you son/daughter is reading at least 15 minutes every night and recording the book title on the homework sheet. Please sign or initial after your child has read. A good way to monitor this is to set a timer before they begin to read.  To help with comprehension, you could ask him/her to summarize what was read during the fifteen minutes. They may get you interested in the book! :)

Math facts may be practiced by using online resources such as Math Magician, using our flash cards rings, orally in the car or while waiting for dinner to be ready, over the phone with a friend, using Face Time or Skype to have a family member quiz them, or any creative way to practice the basic multiplication facts.

Please email me if you are interested in helping our class with the writing process. We are awesome writers and love to have people listen to our stories. We also love to have extra helpers in the room to give us opinions when we revise and edit. 
If you visit this page, please feel free to sign the guest book. It will help me monitor how often my website is used. Thanks!
Mrs. Benton 

REMINDERS to Students:

  • Please be sure to keep your folder organized and have your parents go through it nightly. Always ask your parents to initial or sign your homework sheet.
  •  Please be prepared with coats, hats, boots, and gloves for outdoor recess. We want everyone to join in the fun.
  •   Visit Spelling City www.spellingcity.com for fun spelling games and to take an online practice test.