eBooks available from the GST BOCES School Library System (Please contact your school's librarian for the usernames and passwords).

EPointPlus: These eBooks are searchable, bookmarkable digital books that include the full text and illustrations of all of the Marshall Cavendish titles.  They are mostly non-fiction, but there are a few fiction titles.  Topics include American History; Animals; Biography; Business and Economics; Careers; Cars; Chapter Books; Cooking; Cultures; Environmental Studies; Health; Issues; Literature; Math; Middle Grade Fiction; Picture Books; Science; Social Studies; Spanish; Sports; Technology; Teen Fiction; World History.  
Spotlight on New York: These eBooks are current (© Year 2012) with a reading level of grades 3-4 and interest level of grades 4-7.  The books feature both Full-color and Black-and-White Photographs, Illustrations, Glossary, Index, Maps, Primary Source Exam Questions, Primary Sources, and Web Sites. Titles included are: Key Leaders in Colonial New York; Native Americans; New York; New York's Early Explorers; New York's Government; New York's Industrial Growth; New York's Role in the New Nation; The American Revolution in New York; The British Colony of New York; The Economic Growth of New York; The Land and Resources of New York; The Melting Pot, The Erie Canal.

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Spotlight on Ancient Civilizations Egypt, Greece, and Rome Comprehensive Interactive eBooks integrate core social studies content with rich media support. Audio, videos, photos, maps, biographies, dynamic timelines, and primary sources help users explore life in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
Titles Included
Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptian Daily Life
Ancient Egyptian Geography
Ancient Egyptian Government
Ancient Egyptian Technology
Ancient Egyptian Economy

Ancient Greek Culture

Ancient Greek Daily Life
Ancient Greek Geography
Ancient Greek Government
Ancient Greek Technology
Ancient Greek Economy

Ancient Roman Culture
Ancient Roman Daily Life
Ancient Roman Geography
Ancient Roman Government
Ancient Roman Technology
Ancient Roman Economy

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Spotlight on Immigration & Migration: From Native American migration and the transatlantic slave trade to the industrial revolution and growth of American cities, this set shines a light on immigrants and migrant groups in America from colonial times through the 20th century. Readers will delve into the push/pull factors that caused them to leave their homes for the new land. Titles included are
African American Migrations in North America
Anti Semitism
Broken Treaties; The California Gold Rush
The Disaster of the Irish Potato Famine
The Dream of Manifest Destiny
The Growth of the American City
Immigration to Colonial America
The Industrial Revolution
New Jobs, New Oppurtunities
The Scottish-Irish Immigration in America
The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Essential Question:How is modern society tied to ancient Mesopotamian, Chinese, and Indian civilizations?
Follow the birth, apex, and eventual decline of Ancient China, India, and Mesopotamia. Learners will discover the powerful influence these ancient cultures and their innovations still have on our world today. Titles included are:

Ancient Chinese Culture
Ancient Chinese Daily Life
The Decline of Ancient Chinese Civilization
Ancient Chinese Government and Geography
Ancient Chinese Religion and Beliefs
Ancient Chinese Technology

The Culture of Ancient India
Daily Life in Ancient India
The Decline of Ancient Indian Civilization
The Government and Geography of Ancient India
The Religion and Beliefs of Ancient India
The Technology of Ancient India

Ancient Mesopatamian Culture
Ancient Mesopatamian Daily Life
The Decline of Ancient Mesopatamian Civilization
Ancient Mesopatamian Government and Geography
Ancient Mesopatamian Religion and Beliefs
Ancient Mesopatamian Technology

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