Why Is the Affordable Care Act So Controversial?

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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: The Public's View on the ACA (Interactive opinion poll)

Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reform Quiz

Papers Show Insurers Limited Coverage for Acne, Pregnancy by David S. Hilzenrath (Washington Post, September 19, 2009)

People Left Holding Bag When Policies Revoked by Julie Appleby (USA Today, updated December 13, 2007)

Cost of Benefits Cited as Factor in Slump in Jobs by Eduardo Porter (New York Times, August 18, 2004)

Preexisting Conditions - video from the PBS Special Report: Health Care Reform, PBS website

It’s Time: Obamacare Begins Its Main Act by Charlotte Howard  (The Economist, November 18, 2013)

Graph A: Uninsured Rates among the Non-elderly, 2000–2013  (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Map A: Uninsured Rates Among the Non-­elderly by State, 2013  (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Graph B: Reasons for Being Uninsured among Uninsured Non-elderly Adults, 2013  (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Graph C: Barriers to Health Care among the Non-elderly Adults by Insurance Status, 2013 (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Graph D: Financial Consequences of Medical Bills by Insurance Coverage, 2013 (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Graph E: Characteristics of the Non-elderly Uninsured, 2013 (Kaiser Family Foundation)

The YouToons Get Ready for ObamaCare (YouTube Video)

The YouToons Get Ready for ObamaCare (Spanish Language Version: Los YouToons se preparan para Obamacare) Breaking Down the Affordable Care Act (USA Today) 
Timeline of the Health Care Law by Emily Smith (CNN website, June 17, 2012)

Key Features of the Affordable Health Car Act, Improving Quality and Lowering Health Care Costs,2014
Public domain. US Department of Health and Human Services

Additional Resources for Interpreting the Supreme Court Case

National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius  (Docket number: 11-393, March 28, 2012,
Oral argument - audio)

How the Justices Ruled on the Health Care Law (New York Times, June 28, 2012)

Summary of the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Opinion (Foley Hoag website, June 28, 2012)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Real Animals, Fake Paws Footage, (YouTube)

Justice Ginsburg Was Very Amused by John Oliver’s Doggy Supreme Court by Jess Kravin (Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2014)

US Supreme Court, case brief articulating sides of a case about the ACA, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, (excerpt from the syllabus), 2012

Supreme Court on Health Care Law: How They Voted, What They Wrote (CNN, June 28, 2012)