Mandarin Cheat Sheets

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On this page you will find the links to handouts that give the answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact:

Barcode Labels

Creating Barcode Labels

Creating Magazine Barcode Labels

Creating Multiple Barcodes for Patrons with Report Tool

Creating Patron Barcode Labels

Print Single Patron Label
Cataloging-Deleting and Weeding

Deleting Bibliographic or Holding Records

Deleting Bookmarks

Deleting Patron Records

Finding Bibliographic Records with No Holdings

Using the Cleanup Utility to Delete Items

Weeding Reports
Cataloging- Editing Records

Adding a Homeroom Field to Student Records

Adding a Teacher Field to Student Records

Adding an Internet Access Field to Holdings

Adding Location Fields

Adding or Changing a Barcode

Changing the Status of a Unicode Record

Changing Field Mappings

Changing the Media Icon Display to Reflect Notated Music

Copying a Field

How to Copy the 264 Field to the 260 Field

Inserting a 591 Field with Subfields

Inserting a Field and Subfield Globally

Inserting a Subfield Into An Existing Field Globally

Inserting Text Into a Field or Subfield Globally

Marking an Item as Missing

Marking an Item as Damaged

Nonfiling Characters- Detection & Replacement

Renaming a Subfield

Removing A Field or Subfield Globally

Using Global Modify (Simple Replace)

Using Word and M3
Cataloging- Records Creation

Adding Multiple Holdings to a Bibliographic Record at Once

Adding Websites to Your Catalog

Commonly Used MARC Field Tags

Create Holding Record

Creating a New Bibliographic Record

Creating a Template for Bibliographic Record

Creating a Template for Patron Records

Creating a Temporary Record

Exporting Your Entire Catalog

Importing Generating Barcodes

Importing Bibliographic Records into M3

Important Fields in Cataloging a New Record

Importing MARC Records from Library of Congress

Information for Vendor Records

Other MARC Tags of Note

Using Field Mapping When Importing Bibliographic Records

Cataloging- Searching

Checking Prefixes in Cataloging

Finding Bilbliographic Records with no Holdings

Finding Records Without a Classification Number

Finding Records Without a Cutter


M3 Searching

Modifying Which Fields Display on the Cataloging Screen

Searching for a Dewey Range

Searching for Bibliographic Records with No Barcodes in the 852

Searching for Holding Records with No Barcodes


Adding an Item from Within Circulation

Attaching Messages to an Item or Patron

Returning and Item

Booking an Item

Circ Window

Creating a Temporary Record

Customizing Your Circulation Sounds

Customizing Your Circulation Screen


Forgiving a Fine

General Schedule Error

Inserting the ILL Permission Field in Patron Records Using Circulation

Item History

Offline Transaction

M3 Transaction Barcodes Sheet

Overriding the Due Date for a Particular Session or Time Frame

Patron History

Printing a List of Items Loaned Out to a Specific Patron

Removing Messages From an Item or Patron

Setting Up the Calendar

Wrong Day of the Week in the Calendar
Group Editor

Changing the Length of Reserves

Creating a Patron Group

Creating a Special Reserve Group

Creating an Item Group

Moving Items in Group Editor


Changing the Media Icon

Customizing the Visual Search on WebOPAC

Record Format Displays

Using an Icon From the Gallery



Uploading From the Reader

Uploading From the Tricorder

Inventory Older Scanners

Inventory with New Scanners


BEDScount Rpt. (PLEASE NOTE: This is a Report Tool Report, not a document. You need to download it and open it with Report Tool)

Creating an Autodialer Report HH

Creating an Autodial Report

Editing Report Queries

Finding Your Reports in Report Tool

Printing a Patron List

Printing an Overdue List

Printing Patron Barcode Labels Using the Report Tool

Printing to a File In Report Tool

Report Tool Bibliographies

Reports to Use for Collection Development

Setting the Default File Paths in Report Tool

Using the BibStats Utility
Troubleshooting for Mandarin

Common Error Messages