What Makes Holidays Special? 

Formative Performance Task: Brainstorm a list of holidays and traditions.
Supporting Question 1- What are holidays and traditions?
  • Source A: Image bank:  Symbols of holidays and traditions NOTE:  Although the three images below are associated with the respective holidays (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah), students may have many associations with them. For example, students may connect fireworks with any number of civic celebrations. The key is to encourage students to think about the nature of holidays and the various traditions that can be related to them.
Supporting Question 2- How are holidays celebrated with traditions?
  • Source A: Teacher- and student-located books on holidays and traditions
  • Teachers and students visit classroom, school, or local libraries to locate age-appropriate books that describe a range of holidays and traditions.
Possible titles:
Carole Marsh, Christmas Traditions around the World, Holiday Readers, 2003.
Lucille Penner, Celebration: The Story of American holidays, Simon and Schuster, 1993.
Doreen Rapport, Martin’s Big Words, Hyperion, 2007.
Rebecca Risman, Independence Day, Heinemann, 2010.

Supporting Question 3- What symbols makes us think of certain holidays?
  • Source A: BrainPopJr, website video describing United States symbols and holidays, US Symbols, 2015