Maps and Globes
Kindergarten Maps and Globes Inquiry
Which Is Better, a Map or a Globe?

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Staging the Compelling Question
  • As an opening exercise for this inquiry, teachers might pose a question to the class about location, such as “How would we find the post office?” or “How would we figure out the best way to get to the grocery store?” Teachers should record students’ ideas on a class chart.
Supporting Question 1- What is a map?
  • Source A: Image bank:  World maps showing different features
  • Source B: Image bank: Community maps showing different features

Supporting Question 2- What is a globe?
  • Source A: Image bank: Global images
  • Source B: Image bank: Geographic features of the Earth
Supporting Question 3 - What is the difference between a map and a globe?
  • Source A: Image bank: Photo, map, and satellite images of the lower Hudson River
  • Source B:  Image bank: Geographic and man-made places
Supporting Question 4- How would you decide to use a map or a globe?
  • Source A:  Image bank: Geographic scenarios