Family Diversity
How Can Families Be the Same and Different?
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Supporting Question 1- What does my family look like?
  • Source A: Teacher-supplied images of their families. Teachers bring photographs and/or videos to share with their students illustrating their family members, their roles within the family, and family activities.
  • Source B: The Families Project
  • Supporting Question 2- What do families do?
Source A: ReadWorks, article about shopping at a grocery store, “A Trip to the Store,” 2013
  • Source B: ReadWorks, article about different ways to celebrate birthdays, “Happy Birthday,” 2013
  • Source C: ReadWorks, article about creating family rules, “Our House Rules,” 2013
Supporting Question 3- What special things do families do together?
  • Source A: Image bank: Family activitiesImage 1: Family members playing together on game night.
  • Source B: Student-generated images and artifacts. Students bring images (e.g., photographs) and/or artifacts (e.g., family games, mementos from trips) that represent celebrations and traditions in which they engage with their families.