The President
1st Grade The President Inquiry

Is the President the Most Important Person in Government?
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Staging the Compelling Question
To launch this inquiry, teachers should share the compelling question with the class and encourage students to brainstorm about what they think the president of the United States actually does. Students are likely to have many ideas about this question, though they may think largely in terms of being “in charge.” Afterward, teachers can ask students to create a class list of topics or problems that they would like to see fixed in their school, neighborhoods, or community. (All answers can be accepted at this point as they should lend themselves to the Extension and Taking Informed Action pieces of the inquiry.)
Supporting Question 1- What does the president do?
  • Source B: "President of the United States
  • Source C: Author unknown, Ebook describing the president’s duties, What Does the President Do? 2015 From LISTEN AND READ: WHAT DOES THE PRESIDENT DO? Published on Copyright © 2015 by Scholastic Inc. 
Supporting Question 2- What do other leaders do?
  • Source A: "Important People"     
Supporting Question 3- Can the president solve every problem?
  • Source A: "Recovering and Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy"
Source B: Governor Andrew Cuomo, press release after Hurricane Sandy, “Governor Cuomo Announces $8.2 Million Grant for ‘Project Hope’ to Provide Crisis Counseling in Areas Hardest Hit by Hurricane Sandy” (excerpts), November 19, 2012
  • Source C: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, press conference after Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg Updates New Yorkers on City’s Response to Hurricane Sandy, October 30, 2012 Public domain.
    Mayor Bloomberg YouTube channel: