Family Stories
1st Grade Family Stories Inquiry
What Do Family Stories Tell Us about the Past?
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Supporting Question 1- Do all families have stories?
  • Source A: Teacher-told family story Teachers bring photographs and/or videos illustrating family members to use in telling a story about their families.
  • Source B: StoryCorps story recording: 
  • A Lot of the Older Guys Didn’t Think I Should Be There:

Supporting Question 2- What artifacts could someone use to tell a family story?
  • Source A: Family tree chart
  • Source B: Image bank: Family artifacts
Image 1: Family scrapbook.
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Supporting Question 3- How do families change over time?
  • Source A: Teacher-presented artifacts Teachers present artifacts to students that represent family stories.
  • Source B: Image bank: Photos featuring then-and-now comparisons