Economic Choices
1st Grade Economic Choices Inquiry
What Choices Do We Make with Our Money?
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In staging the compelling question “What choices do we make with our money?” teachers can begin by unpacking the word “choice” with students and brainstorming what it means to have or not have a choice. Teachers might then provide students with examples of choices they make in their everyday lives and elicit additional examples from students. Teachers should listen for examples of economic choices and how money influences the choices the students describe.

 Supporting Question 1- How do families gain money?
  • Source A: Image bank:  Earning money? You decide!

Supporting Question 2- What do families choose to spend money on?
  • Source A: PrudentialCorpAsia, video describing what people can do with their money. “Cha-Ching: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate,” 2015
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