Community History
2nd Grade Community History Inquiry
If We Live in the Present, Why Should We Care About the Past

Supporting Question 1- What's the difference between a cause and an effect?
  • Source A: Teacher-generated example of cause and effect from the local community, such as the following:
    • Building a new playground (causes: recreation opportunities for youth, opportunities for families to gather; effects: healthier children, increased littering around the park)
    • Razing a local mall (causes: decrease in customers, competition from newer shopping areas in other neighborhoods; effects: an empty lot, loss of jobs in the neighborhood)
    • Banning the sale of nonrecyclable juice containers (causes: concern about environmental waste, increased understanding of the importance of recycling;  effects: reduced choice for consumers, fewer sales for stores)
    • Building new houses (causes: people moving for work, people having families; effects: more children will be attending school. classes will get bigger)
Supporting Question 2- How have events from the past changed our lives in the present?
Supporting Question 3- How do people today solve problems created in the past?
  • Source A: "From Eyesore to Sunset Stunner"
  • Source B: "Voices from the Region" video