3rd Grade Globalization Inquiry
Is Sharing and Trading Across Cultures Always a Good Thing?
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New York State Social Studies Framework Key Idea & Practices 3.6 Communities from around the world interact with other people and communities and exchange cultural ideas and practices.
 Gathering, Using, and Interpreting Evidence     Chronological Reasoning and Causation
 Comparison and Contextualization     Geographic Reasoning     
Economics and Economic Systems
 Civic Participation
Staging the Compelling Question Survey the class to see where personal items were manufactured.
Supporting Question 1: What is globalization?
  • Source A: World Political Map
  • Source B: "Lizzie's Morning"
  • Source C: Teacher-supplied collection of daily-use items
Supporting Question 2: What are some opportunities created by globalization?
  • Source A: Chinese educators come to America
  • Source B: Image bank: Companies selling goods around the world

Supporting Question 3: What are some challenges created by globalization?
  • Source A: "The First Greenmarket in New York City
  • Source B: Image bank: Political cartoons