Fall of the Roman Empire
Did the Roman Empire Fall?
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Staging the Compelling Question- Debate the extent to which mathematicians can predict the rise and fall of empires.
Supporting Question 1- What made the Roman conquests an empire? Supporting Question 2- Why did the Roman Empire fall?
Supporting Question 3- Was the Roman Empire's fall an abrupt change?
  • Edward Champlin, examination of the fall of the Roman Empire, “The Myth of ‘Decline and Fall’” (excerpts), National Geographic, 1994/1998 
  • Other sources are excerpts available in the Toolkit.
Supporting Question 4- To what extent did the Roman Empire transform?
  • Excerpt from "Roman Realities" (available in Toolkit)
  • Excerpt from The Myth of 'Decline and Fall'" (available in Toolkit)
  • Glen Bowersock, examination of the fall of the Roman Empire, “The Vanishing Paradigm of the Fall of Rome” (excerpts), Bulletin of the American Academy of Sciences, May, 1996 
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