World War II
11th Grade World War II
Why Was the US on the Winning Side of World War II?

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Supporting Question 1- Why was the home front so important to the war front?
Technology Resources:

Source A: Ken Burns, video clip describing war production, “Wartown: War Production in America,” Ken Burn’s The War, Public Broadcasting Station, 2007.

Source B: Image Bank: Propaganda Posters :
Image 1
:  J. Howard Miller, poster featuring Rosie the Riveter, “We Can Do It,” Westinghouse, 1942


Image 2:  Jean Carll, poster featuring servicemen firing rifles, “Give ‘em Both Barrels,” United States Government Printing Office, 1941
Image 3
:  Liberman, poster of African-American and white men working together, “United We Stand,” United States Government Printing Office, 1943

Source C: Author unknown, charts detailing the aircraft and tank production by different belligerents from WWII as well as U.S. production totals, “By the Numbers: Wartime Production,” National WWII Museum, no date
Supporting Question 2- What did the United States contribute to the Allies' victory in Europe?
Source A: Richard J. Evans, article describing factors that led to Germany’s decline, “Why Hitler's Grand Plan during the Second World War Collapsed,” The Guardian, 2009.
Source B: Author unknown, charts illustrating the number of lives lost by country, “WWII Deaths by Country,” National WWII Museum, no date.
Source C: Ken Burns, video clip describing the D-Day offensive, “D-Day,” Ken Burn’s The War, Public Broadcasting Station, 2007
Supporting Question 3- How did the United States win the war against Japan?

Source A: Excerpt from "Every War Must End"

Source B: Images detailing the pacific theater of WWII, “World War II: The Pacific Islands,” The Atlantic, 2011
Source C: Harry S. Truman, transcript of President Truman announcing the bombing of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945  Source: Harry S. Truman Library, "Army press notes," box 4, Papers of Eben A. Ayers.