Using Technology to assist with implementing Instructional and Test Accommodations

According to the Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Guidance Document (2018), whenever possible, the instructional accommodations used in the classroom should be aligned with the testing accommodations provided during assessment. Instructional accommodations must also be discussed at the CSE/Section 504 Committee meeting and indicated in the student’s IEP/504 plan. Evaluation of the effectiveness of these accommodations should be reviewed. Some examples of instructional accommodations that use technology are:

  • speech-to-text
  • text-to-speech
  • use of word processor
  • word prediction software

Not all accommodations used during instruction are appropriate for use during State assessments. Please refer to the field advisory for students with disabilities 2018 and also the most recent test administration manuals when implementing test accommodations. Elmira has also created a resource page that is specific to the software and programs specifically available in Elmira.

This link provides the special provides the special education field advisory and testing accommodations manual with guidance document and appendixes.

This link provides tools specific to what is recommended and available in Elmira. 

Should you have questions about how to use the technology reach out to a GST BOCES Instructional Support Teacher. If you have questions about the technology being permissible on a state exam, please consult your building admin and/or CSE chairperson. 

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Some students with disabilities require additional techno supports through the use of Assistive Technology. To find out more about Assistive Technology. Click below