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Title: Introduction to Group Novel Study
Category: 12th Grade
Description: Blog 1

Welcome to your classroom blog! This space is designed for continuing dialogue that extends outside the classroom and allows you to communicate with other seniors who are not in your class section. It's also a creative way to get your point of view across that is not always heard in a classroom setting. 

Guidelines to follow: Use this blog for classroom-related content only. Be sensible with your comments so that we can continue to integrate technology into our learning. Respectfully acknowledge other points of view and disagree appropriately. Lastly, participate regularly.  We want to hear from you! (Post a response once a week to a given question or respond to a peer's comment.) 

Blog 1: Respond to one or more of the following questions below:

  1. Why did you and your group choose your book?
  2. What expectations do you have for this unit of study?
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks to working within a group?
  4. What skills are needed for working effectively in a group setting?


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Comment Posted by: Caitlin B at 09:00:00 AM on 02/04/2011

We heard this movie was pretty good, so we decided to try the book.

Comment Posted by: Demarest S at 12:34:51 PM on 01/20/2011

Our group minus christa picked the book we did because it seemed like it had an interesting plot.

Comment Posted by: Curtis B at 01:32:43 PM on 01/14/2011

1. We choose this book because we are interested in old wars.
2. My expectations are to learn more about reading a book in depth.
3. The benefits are you get to confer with a group of peers, but drawbacks can include members of your group not completing the tasks.
4. Self determination, self discipline and good communication skills.

Comment Posted by: Christa C at 01:07:42 PM on 01/14/2011

I wasnt here when my group picked the book. if i was here i probably wouldnt have selected this paticular book only because just by reading the back and the cover it doesnt seem like something i would be interested in.

Comment Posted by: Brandon B at 10:44:32 AM on 01/14/2011

The benefits of working within a group are that there are multiple opinions on the material your dealing with so that you have the oportunity to see your book from different perspectives.

The drawbacks of working with a group are the same as the benefits, there are differing opinions. This can result it disagreements about different aspects of your book.

Comment Posted by: Brittany O at 04:21:47 PM on 01/13/2011

Some benefits of having a group is discussing the different veiw points people may have and people sharing their opions.  A drawback  is everyone has their own reading pace and level. 

Comment Posted by: Alexis S at 03:02:21 PM on 01/13/2011

To be able to work effectively in a group, you need to be able to respect people's ideas, and have an open mind to whatever someones opinion is. If you can not be able to accept somebodys ideas then this could lead to your group not being able to stay focused on the task at hand, and not being able to finsh the assingment. Therefore, it is important when you work in groups you will, in some cases have to agree to disagree.

Comment Posted by: Mickenzie N at 03:01:01 PM on 01/13/2011

1. Our group chose our book because we expected it to be a short read.
3. One benefit to working in a group is having outside input. this may help you to understand thimgs such as the setting or era of your book, because some one may have caught or understood a detail you missed. A draw back would be the ability to get off task very easily. 
4. The skills needed to work in a group effectively are cooperation, good communication (being able to explain your ideas and thoughts), and being able to stay on task.

Comment Posted by: Angela H at 02:33:57 PM on 01/13/2011

There are many skills needed for working effectivly in a group, you need to be easy to get along with and cooroperative. You also have to be paitient and willing to do your part just like the rest of us. Also being possitive is always a plus no body wants to work with a negative Nancey

Comment Posted by: Megan R at 02:33:19 PM on 01/13/2011

Our group chose this book because it deals with everyday experiences that we go through.  It is a very interesting subject about how stress can be really hard to deal with and that people deal with that stress being bad or good.

Comment Posted by: Terra C at 01:43:13 PM on 01/13/2011

1)      As a group we chose this book because it’s a quick read with a twisting plot.
2)      I expect for this unit to further explore underlying material throughout literature, literary elements, and literature it’s self.
3)      The benefits of working as a group is that you get to hear others opinions and ideals, you get to understand a different side of the arguement. Others in your group may feel strongly about a situation that has occurred that you never noticed. The drawbacks of working as a group is that you may not always agree on topics, which could distract you from the task at hand. Another would be that not all members are doing their work.
4)      In a group the environment needs to be serious and also enjoyable.  As a group you need to be able to understand and accept others opinions and reasoning’s.  You need to be able to communicate on all levels and work equally.

Comment Posted by: Dekota Krisher at 01:33:37 PM on 01/13/2011

wo chose our book because it seemed like an interesting book that we cpuldnt relate to but yet might find interesting to see inside our main charicters shawns head.

Comment Posted by: Diana B at 01:06:00 PM on 01/13/2011

The benifits of working in a group are that we increase our people skills and learn to communicate. the disavantages of working in a group is that we all have to do our part. and if one person forgets its a set back for the whole group.

Comment Posted by: Troy B at 12:37:03 PM on 01/13/2011

4) the skills that are needed for working effectively in a group setting is communication. communication is a huge part of working in a group effectively. also, helping another group member if he/she is in need of help.

Comment Posted by: Andrew D at 12:35:33 PM on 01/13/2011

my book looked good so i chose it

Comment Posted by: Jared K at 12:34:08 PM on 01/13/2011

I like to read, it's a blast.

Comment Posted by: Mackenzie G at 11:07:09 AM on 01/13/2011

My group chose our book because it seemed like it would be and interesting read, and the topic that is the central focus in the story is one that I would like to learn more about

Comment Posted by: Ashley C at 10:40:17 AM on 01/13/2011

1. I have no idea why the book was chosen I was not here.
4. The skills needed for working effectively in a group setting is being able to communicate officially and everyone to pull their own weight.

Comment Posted by: Megan R at 08:44:06 AM on 01/13/2011

I chose this book because after reading the cover this question came to my mind, why does the boy think his father is planning to kill him? The reading on the back of the book caught my interest . 

Comment Posted by: Chelsea S at 08:32:18 AM on 01/13/2011

Some benifits in working in a group is you get to hear about other people's opinons. Also if you don't understand a part in your book you, have your group members to help you understand it.  Some drawbacks in working in a group is some of your group members might not be at the same level as you, some read faster then others. Another drawback is some of your group members might not read the amount of pages given to them.

Comment Posted by: Emily J at 01:50:21 PM on 01/12/2011

My group and I choose our book, Its Kind of A Funny Story, By Ned Vizzini, because the introduction to the book caught our intrest.  Our book is about a teen who is faced with many challenges that include life threatning, by keeping this in mind it caused me to ask many questions regarding the outcome of the teenagers downfall in his life.  My group and I came to an agreement that we were all very intrested, so we decided to choose this book. 

Comment Posted by: Amanda E at 01:47:50 PM on 01/12/2011

Skills needed to work effectively in a group setting are cooperation and communication. In order to succesfully work as a group each individual needs to do their fair share of work.

Comment Posted by: Nicholas P at 01:46:56 PM on 01/12/2011

oh yeah forgot the rest of the questions.....I expect this group study to be very helpful with explaining literature and literary elements author use to intrigue the readers about their books. Drawbacks to working in a group are that you have to worry that everyone is going to get their work done on time rather than worry about just you.

Comment Posted by: Nicholas P at 01:41:40 PM on 01/12/2011

We chose this book because it looked to be very attention getting and would keep our interest through out the entire story.

Comment Posted by: Adam N at 12:36:10 PM on 01/12/2011

we choose our book because it sounded intresting,and it looked like we could finish it in a short period of time:)

Comment Posted by: Chad D at 12:33:54 PM on 01/12/2011

We chose this book beause it was about the holocaust and look like it would be a quick, interesting read.

Comment Posted by: Kreg C at 12:28:28 PM on 01/12/2011

we chose this book because it looked interesting and we thought it would hold our interest.

Comment Posted by: Shannon M at 03:27:07 PM on 01/11/2011

Our group chose "Stuck In Neutral" because it looked like it would have a good plot and some twists from the cover. Some benefits to working in groups are that the setting is more relaxed, you get to talk about things you don't understand, and the work is balanced equally among the group members. Some drawbacks are that you may have to adjust your pace for others, and some may not do the work they say they will.

Comment Posted by: Rebecca C at 02:32:54 PM on 01/11/2011

1) Our group chose a book that was long enough to last us the unit, but one that wasn't dull. The Hunger Games is satisfyingly long and very intriguing. It really makes you think.

2) I expect, because of the direction of this unit, to see clearer the inner messages planted by the authors of books I read in the future. i'm just glad we don't have to do those dumb sticky note assignments and homwork sheets. So long, seventh grade, SO don't miss you.

3) The benefits that come with working in a group are clarification if needed, shared interests, conversation topics, and fresh viewpoints on different ideas expressed in or implied by the book.  The drawbacks, naturally, are having to move at a slower pace, or for some, a faster pace that you would like. I tend to dislike reading as a class because progress is so slow. Even though the intention of moving at this pace is to focus on details and undrestanding, it annoys me to know end. For me, it drags it out too long and I loose interest and information.

4) You should be a follower so you can follow directions and meet deadlines, but a leader to keep others on task.

Comment Posted by: Zackeriah B at 02:26:58 PM on 01/11/2011

Some skills you need for working effectively in groups are good communication skils and willingness to work within a group. You should be able to get along with who ever they are to get the work ,that is needed to be done, completed and on time.

Comment Posted by: Brison B at 02:24:06 PM on 01/11/2011

my group chose are book due to its low number of pages.

Comment Posted by: Zachary M at 12:32:47 PM on 01/11/2011

My group and I chose our book due to it being short, stark and posessing a cover which has characters which physically resemble us.  There is also a movie which we play to compare to the book upon completion.  My expectations are that this unit be rather fun and relaxed due to the partners.  The benefits are easy to see; if we mess up or miss something we have Alex to pick up the slack.  But mostly to exchange information about the book.

Comment Posted by: Carson T at 12:32:02 PM on 01/11/2011

My group chose the book "The Outsiders" because we were told it was a short, and interesting read. We also found soon after we picked it, the young men on the cover looked remarkably like our handsome selves.

Comment Posted by: Dustun S at 12:27:56 PM on 01/11/2011

I chose this book because it looked interesting to me and my group. And it has less pages than the other book we had.

Comment Posted by: Aaron K at 12:25:31 PM on 01/11/2011

I chose this book because I heard there was a movie of it. I wanted to compare the two when I was done reading the book.

Comment Posted by: Kaila N. at 07:47:05 PM on 01/10/2011

The benefits to working within a group is that if you don't understand something in the book you can ask them their point of view on it.

Comment Posted by: Amanda F at 05:39:14 PM on 01/10/2011

Benefits of reading in groups is that if a person needs clarifation they can rely on there group to help them out. Drawbacks of working in a group is reading at the same pace.

Comment Posted by: Andrea S at 01:55:35 PM on 01/10/2011

It looked intresting and relating in real life. i exspect to know why this child thinks his dad wants to kill him and to read steadly. you get more feedback on something u might have missed or to know how they feel about the book. The skills are to read when exspected, to be here and to do all work and write down notes and ur own look on it.

Comment Posted by: J P at 01:17:41 PM on 01/10/2011

I chose A Child Called It because i have heard a lot of good things about it and thats the book most of the people in my group wanted to read.

Comment Posted by: S D at 01:15:49 PM on 01/10/2011

My group chose the book we chose because the book did not look too long of a story, and it looked interesting enough to read.

Comment Posted by: Michayla at 11:06:29 AM on 01/08/2011

Benefits working within a group is you all can share ideas about your book. We chose our book because it looked interesting and it wasn't to much of a lengthy book.

Comment Posted by: Tawny at 01:26:00 PM on 01/07/2011

The benefits of working in groups, is that you have other opinions about your book or topic of discussion.Also you learn how to use techniques of communication to help you understand the other persons point of view. The draw backs about working in groups is that everyone isnt at the same level as you are. So therefore people end up at different places in reading the book.

Comment Posted by: daren at 02:44:04 PM on 01/05/2011

I chose my book because it looked like an interesting read

Comment Posted by: Joshua F at 02:42:41 PM on 01/05/2011

The benifits of working in groups is you can bounce ideas about what happened in the storie and better understand what is going on. The drawbacks of working in a group is that you cant move at your own pace you have to fallow the people in your group.