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Title: Why do we need people to do research? (due 11/4)
Category: Random/fun Discussions
Description: relevance of research
We have been learning about the scientific method in class, but it doesn't stop in 10th grade science. Scientists around the world, in all disciplines, are using this process to conduct research to enrich or prolong our lives.  Everyday there seems to be an announcement that something will improve or harm your health, and technology continues to improve its speed and decrease its size. Science does not exist in a vacuum; it affects your life daily!

Please find an article that relates to scientific research of some kind and provide the link along with a summary of the findings, and what impact you think the research will have on society.  It can be related to health (vaccines, diseases, etc.) or the environment (global warming, pollution, fracking), or some other aspect of biology.  The Nobel Prizes were just named and those scientists were selected because of their contribution to society;  that may be a good place to start.  Other places to look for interesting articles are:,,

I hope that we get a bunch of different articles.  Pick something that interests you because there is a lot to choose from.  Your summary should be no more 3 or 4 sentences and your response indicating the impact should be 3-4 sentences as well.

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Comment Posted by: leah morse at 01:52:09 PM on 11/04/2011

This study about football helmets explains that even though people wear helmets, they can get concussions or brain damage. New helmets were compared to "leatherhead" helmets and were shown to as good as the old time helmets. This is important because it shows that football is a dangerous sport and players are NOT fully protected even when wearing a helmet. Helmet design should focus on proecting people from concussions and other smaller damage to brains.

Comment Posted by: Alexandria Bartholomew at 01:32:55 PM on 11/04/2011

3,300 men in Australian die of cancer each year from prostate cancer. This cancer matches the impact of breast cancer on woman. The growing of cells need an assential nutrients the amino acid, which goes into the cell by special proteins. This could be the cancer's weakness. Scientist now to this day are trying to figure out cures for many different types of cancers.

Comment Posted by: Alex Nadjadi at 01:26:50 PM on 11/04/2011 This article explains a study that shows that babies understand how people think. The study was done on babies that were 10 months old. Now we know what babies are thinking. Their brains and understanding develops earlier than expected.

Comment Posted by: John Watkins at 01:18:49 PM on 11/04/2011

This article is about how soldiers brains adapt to stress and threat levels during combat missions.

Comment Posted by: Donald L at 08:08:29 AM on 11/04/2011

Comment Posted by: Bryan Seager at 11:26:24 PM on 11/03/2011

In my article i found that the reason we are kept awake with light is due to the fact that light arouses our brain cells.

Comment Posted by: Paul N at 04:19:10 PM on 11/03/2011
This article tells all about fun facts about allergies. This article will have an imact on society because more people will learn about allergies and with allergies becoming more popular throughout the nation it will have an affect on how people think about this topic.

Comment Posted by: Erin M at 01:32:01 PM on 11/03/2011

the article i found was about scientists finding a way to get rid of old cells, "zombie" cells as they call them, in mice. the "zombie" cells don't work as they should, so by destroying them, they say it slows down the process of aging, lessen the chance of heart disease, dimensia, stroke, and cancer.  they also say that getting rid of these cells can slow down muscle tissue loss and the development of cataracts.

Comment Posted by: Sean P at 09:25:19 PM on 11/02/2011 my article i found is about a killer whale that australians are hunting because it killed a american diver in the country's west coast. People need to do research so people can find out what is bad or good for you, or to find out what is going on in the world. It is a good thing people do research.

Comment Posted by: Jacob N at 05:49:04 PM on 11/02/2011

Simulation of Glaucoma.  A street scene with an approximation of what somebody with Glaucoma sees compared to normal vision The human eye takes care of its self. It produces a "jelly" like substance that massages the eye tissuse. when the the pressure from that jelly is too high the eye ball "deflates" and it causes a black ring as seen as in the picture. If the scientests didnt research that then people would be getting into accidents and eventualy blind. The eye dotors check to see if people have it and its been a problem that scientests helped over come. I found this interesting because i know that i wouldnt like that huge black circle around my vision. The link is

Comment Posted by: Preston M Wedd at 02:53:16 PM on 11/02/2011

my article is about buisness inteligence (BI). it is soporting that BI is the couse for billing, shipping inventory and sales. this is proving the "inkling" of what the future BI could hold. The inpact for this is that it could make things easier for us. the easier part would be the shoping so that the paying for everything is faster. it will aslso hav e more data for the buisnesses and hold more as well

Comment Posted by: Carly M at 10:01:22 AM on 11/02/2011

In this article i found that alcoholism and bipolar disorder go hand in hand.  Half the people in this world that suffer from bipolar disorder are also alcoholics.  This is called a "dual disorder".  These people may think drinking helps, but in the long run it rally just makes things worse.  This research could help those with bipolar realize that drinking is not a cure for bipolar.  Maybe those with this disorder will stop drinking and seek help.  This research can also help those who know people will this "dual disorder" by educating them on why they drink and why drinking only makes bipolar worse.

Comment Posted by: Darnell B at 11:32:25 AM on 11/01/2011

we need to always do research because with out it we either get our facts wrong and would not learn from it, it would take too long to find the end result if we didnt have research
 hope this helps

Comment Posted by: Devin W at 09:26:08 AM on 11/01/2011

we need people to do research so that we understand everythin g if no one did any research we wouldnt know how anything works and we wouldnt know whats poisonous and what can harm you so if we didnt have anyone that did any research then we wouldnt know what harmful things are.

Comment Posted by: Ciara Sutton at 11:58:12 AM on 10/28/2011 this is about the drug resistance found in leishmania. Leishmania is a parasite that causes a deadly disease called Leihmianiasis.The scientests took two studys of this Parasite/ disease the first showed how genomic research changes the perspectives about these parasites, the seconed study showed that these findings have important implications for the understanding of parasite variation and the genetic basis of disease.

Comment Posted by: Mike Simkin at 11:44:31 AM on 10/27/2011 this article is about new pesticides that can repel/kill insects that previously were immune to the old pesticide. it talks about how two different toxins were modified together to help create this new bug killer. this will help farmers of many different crops protect their crops from many insects. tobacco farmers can now protect their tobacco from a super-resistant strain of tobacco budworm. corn farmers can protect from corn borers that were resistant to the old pesticide.

Comment Posted by: Aga Jean S at 04:01:16 PM on 10/25/2011

my article that i found is about smoking. researchers found that cystic fibrosis has similar effects as what smoking does to a person's lungs. which means that some cancers caused by smoking can may be treated with the same medicine used to treat cystic fibrosis. this article also talks about how smoking produces mucus in the lungs and causes infections.

Comment Posted by: Anthony N at 05:15:57 PM on 10/24/2011
     This article is about piranhas making sounds when they are being aggresive. It also explains how the piranahs make their strange barking sound. The research was conducted by Sandie Millot, Pierre Vandewalle and Eric Parmentier.
     I don't think the information will have much impact on society. It might inform some people about how piranahs live though. Next time you're watching a movie with a piranah attack, however, you'll know the piranahs should be barking piranha

Comment Posted by: Cody L. at 04:44:26 PM on 10/24/2011

I feel that nuclear fusion is an important research topic for our time. It is a controversial new idea, that seems to be completely safe. More so than safe, it is more efficient for energy production than any irreplaceable or bio matter fuel. Nuclear fusion is the process that the sun uses to produce heat and light, combining two nuclear masses, and the process leaves a large amount of energy ready for use. Nuclear fusion is also pushing us into the late stages of plasma physics. A website that I found that reflects this research is: