Classroom Specials



Monday:  Art  1:10-1:40

Tuesday:  Music  1:20-1:50

Wednesday:  Computer  12:10-12:40
                      Physical Education  1:20-1:50(Sneaker day!)

Thursday:  P.E.  1:20-1:50 (Sneaker day!)

Friday:  Library 1:20-1:50
             Computer  1:55-2:20 

Lunch is at 11:15 each day.  We have a snack around 9:00 each day.  Please watch for a monthly snack calendar to come home in the Wednesday folder.  Each child is assigned a day to bring in a healthy snack for the whole class (such as pretzels, popcorn, sunflower seeds, carrots, fruit snacks) or he/she may be asked to bring in 100% juice, napkins or cups.  We have 21 students.  Thank you for your support!