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Message #11. Posted by: Jamie Stickler from Home at 01:16:19 PM on 05/13/2008
Comments: I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great teacher. You have had a chance to teach both of my children and they have both learned so much from you and your classroom. Thanks Again
Message #10. Posted by: Donna Watts from GST BOCES at 10:00:46 AM on 04/10/2008
Comments: Have a great vacation.
Message #9. Posted by: Alexis Ostrander from Home at 04:47:57 PM on 04/09/2008
Comments: I had fun here today on 4/09/08. Thank you Mrs. Sempler
Message #8. Posted by: Sammi Graham & Dad from Home at 04:42:30 PM on 04/09/2008
Comments: Everything looks great! Awesome Job!
Message #7. Posted by: Sonya at 02:15:42 PM on 04/06/2008
Comments: Thank you Mrs. Sempler for being such a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher to our bunch. They are all bright, beautiful children. Michael has enjoyed making new friends and has learned so much from teachers as well as his classmates. We are excited to continue learning and exploring for the remainder of the school year. Thanks So Much! -Michael Taylor & Michael's mom.
Message #6. Posted by: Amy Cicora at 06:09:46 PM on 04/05/2008
Comments: Mrs. Sempler has a great class. Colby thinks that Mrs. Sempler is a good teacher because she helps him learn how to read and do math. Mrs. Wida is nice and she helps him to learn to read too. He has alot of fun in his class. Thank you Mrs. Sempler and Mrs. Wida for all of your hard work!
Message #5. Posted by: Miss Rzeszutek from School at 04:48:39 PM on 04/03/2008
Comments: Looks very nice!
Message #4. Posted by: Logan Johnson and Jennifer Makowiec from Home at 03:52:35 PM on 04/03/2008
Comments: Hello! Glad to see you have the site up and running. Lots of interesting info!!
Message #3. Posted by: Kristy Martin from Elmira at 07:50:32 AM on 04/03/2008
Comments: Great Job! Very Cute. Kaden likes the bees.
Message #2. Posted by: Danielle Tomisman from Elmira at 11:29:02 PM on 04/02/2008
Comments: Love the website, Zach & I will have lot's of fun using it!!
Message #1. Posted by: Diane Sempler from Cornell Univ. at 01:55:16 PM on 04/02/2008
Comments: Your website is great!