Letter to Parents


                                                                      May 2010


Dear Parents,

    As we enter the last two months of the school year, it is very important that we keep all of our students on track in their reading skills.  As I work with the kindergarteners, we will continue to review letters/sounds, sight words, rhyming words, directionality, letter substitutions, and other liteacy skills.  It is very helpful if you ask your student what they learned at school today; this shows them that you value learning and want them to do well.

     For the fourth and fifth graders I work with, the end of the year brings another  push to solidify reading skills needed for the next school year.  This would include oral reading and silent reading skills, comprehension skills, writing skills, decoding skills, and fluency skills.  It is very important that these students continue their positive efforts right through June.

     Thank you for your time and support.


       Ms. Forbes