Bell Schedule 

          There is only one bell this year - 8:15.
All students  must be in their classrooms.

          The doors will open at 7:45 for students
          who eat breakfast. They will be permitted to
          go to the cafeteria.

          Students who do not eat breakfast may start to
          arrive at 8:05 and will report directly to their  


    Walkers/Students being picked-up: 2:40 PM

   Bus Students - Dismissal time (2:40 PM)

Parents - it's important when emergency contacts or phone numbers are changed during the year the school receives this information. We need it to update our records.

If arrival or dismissal procedures change for your child, please send a note to the school with the change. For example, if your child normally rides the bus each day, but you are picking him/her up - please send in a note stating that you will be picking up. It helps us make sure your child is where they are supposed to be at dismissal. Thank you in advance!

 Dismissal: We have been working very hard to make dismissal more efficient.  For safety reasons, I am asking parents that pick-up their children at the end of the day to use the crosswalks.  Please do not cut through the bus loop or in between buses. 

The buses need to be able to enter the front parking lot from both directions on Pennsylvania Avenue. Do not block the road while you wait to enter the side parking lot. Stay in the lane of traffic and do not pass one another - there are no passing lanes.

Patience is needed at pick-up time.  People need to proceed with caution and drive slowly. Cars need to move with the flow of traffic. I have seen cars come in the parking lot and go against traffic. Parents should not be getting out of their cars when they are in the line of traffic. I am doing my best to get children safely to their cars and to keep everyone moving.

Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!

Ms. Baran