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Third Grade at a Glance


September and October:


Social Studies: Communities

Science: Inside the Earth

Writing: Descriptive Paragraph


 November and Mid-December:


Social Studies: Geography

Science: Water Cycle

Writing: Book Report


Mid-December and January:

Social Studies: Government

Science:  Air Pressure

Writing: How-To Paragraph




Social Studies: Polar Region

Science: Energy

Writing:  Descriptive Essay




Social Studies:  

Alaska: A study of the People and their Culture

Science: Iditarod

Writing: Comparative Essay


April and May:


Social Studies: Rainforest Region

Science:  Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Writing: Persuasive Project and Presentation; Poetry

***Penny Drive for Rainforest

***Musical Rainforest Performance



Social Studies: Desert Region

Science: Buoyancy: Mini-Regatta

Writing: Biography Unit:  Research Report (Wax Museum)

***Field Days and Picnic

***Zoo Trip to Syracuse


This is a general timeline of topics we will study this year.  As you know, with our Math program you have an overview of each unit in the “Homelinks” located in your child’s binder.  For reading, grammar, and spelling we will be following our third grade Harcourt Brace reading series.  Many literature genres are explored in those series.  If at anytime you have any questions about anything we are covering please feel free to write or call.  Also, if you have a specialty or experience that you are interested in sharing (in any subject area), guest speakers are always welcome!!  We hope that you find this outline helpful and we look forward to this upcoming year. Thank you!

Mrs. Gibson


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