Tips for Success
1)    Show enthusiasm and interest in your child’s school and work.
2)   Help your child develop effective study skills and strategies for time management.
3)   Communicate with the teacher. The most important thing is that the parents approach the education of their child with the teacher as a team effort and a common goal.
4)   Kids benefit from a consistent homework routine, including a regular time of day and comfortable workplace.
5)   Stick to a consistent morning and bedtime routine.
6)   Support your child’s interests.
7)   Emphasize your child’s strengths and help to develop their areas of interest. This builds self-esteem and keeps kids motivated.


 Homework should not be a battle. Here are some steps you can take to encourage your  child to take responsibility for his own homework assignments.
1) Remove distractions - Do homework in a quiet place that does not have distractions. Turn off the TV; don't expect your child to do homework in a room where siblings are playing.
2) Establish a routine - Set a specific "homework time" such as right after supper. Require that homework be complete before your child can watch TV, use the phone, etc.
3) Prioritize - Encourage your child to work first on those assignments that are due tomorrow. Then tackle the tasks that are due later. Help your child plan his studying so that projects are not left until the last minute. An assignment book can be a big help with this.
4) Check understanding - Be sure your child understands new assignments before he or she starts working on them. This one can save lots of late-evening tears!
5) Guide, but don't correct - If your child needs help, offer ideas that can help her sort out the problem, but don't give her the answers.
6) Get organized for tomorrow - Remind your child to pack the backpack before going to bed. Even the best homework effort doesn't do much good if it's left on the kitchen table!
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