Library Syllabus
Cohen Middle School 100 Robinwood Avenue
Elmira Heights, NY 14903
607.734.5078    x2739

Cohen Middle School Library
Ms. Thomas-Librarian K-8
Miss Manning – Aide


Mission Statement
In the libraries of the Elmira Heights School District, our goal is to develop self-directed learners who:
  • Use information strategically, critically and ethically.
  • Adapt to continually changing technological tools and maximize their use.
  • Select from a wide range of texts to improve their reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Synthesize information from a variety of resources and effectively communicate the results in preparation for the workforce
  • Access to our databases
  • Online catalog: browse our collection of over 6,000 books
  • Reference: Use a these tools for all your research needs
  • Resources: including helpful websites for classroom projects
  • Citation help
  • Need advise, help, suggestions? E-mail me from the library webpage
Library Rules: 
  • RESPECT: Work quietly and politely. Don’t disturb others work. Use good manners.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Be accountable for your actions, behavior and for all your borrowed materials. 
  • CITIZENSHIP: Use all information ethically: cite sources & respect copyright rules
  • CARING: Treat all people, books and equipment with care. Return borrowed items on time
  • FAIRNESS: Be helpful and considerate to others
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS: Do the work you signed in to do
  • For most minor offenses we use “3 strikes” and the student is sent back to study hall with a note to the teacher.
  • Loss of library or computer lab privileges
Library Materials:
            Books & audio books-            2 week loan period
            Magazines-                               1 week loan
            Movies-                                      3 day loan
  • Students may have up to 5 items out at a time
  • Students may renew items they would like to keep longer.
  • Overdue Items - Students must return late items before borrowing more
  • Lost, missing, or damaged items- students are responsible for paying for the replacement of items they borrowed. 
Library Curriculum-
Components for the Library Media Program- GSTE BOCES Region: