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CI: 3 Review Sheet

1). Tighter together than in syringe A.
2). More spaced apart than in syringe A.
3). Compression
4). Expansion
5). Nothing
6). The air particles inside the syringe pushed the plunger up.
7). The air particles outside the syringe pushed the plunger back. 
8). Gas
9). Compressed and/or Expanded
10). It gets smaller.
11). It stays the same.
12). Always moving around, changing speed as they hit each other and other objects.
13). A substance that cannot be broken into simpler substances. 
14). The particles are too close together. 
15). When we closed the syringe and tried to push the plunger all of the way down. 


by Sheena Sadler- 7th Grade Science Instructor: Broadway Academy

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