Number Rhymes
1  Number 1
        is like a stick.
        A straight line down
        That's very quick!
Number 2
         go right around.
         Then make a line
         Across the ground!
Go right around
         What will it be.
         Go around again
         To make a 3!
Down and across
         And down some more.
         That's the way
         To make a 4!
Go down and around
         Then you stop.
         Finish the 5
         With a line on top!
Down, around,
         In a circle you go.
         That's a 6
         Just as you know!
Across the sky
         And down from heaven.
         That's the way
         To make a 7!
Make an "S"
         And then don't wait.
         Go back up
         to make an 8!
Make a loop
         and then a line.
         That's the way
         To make a 9!
Tall, straight one
                and a circle then.
                That's the way
                To make a 10!