What is Virtual Learning?


  • Employing information and communication technologies to deliver instruction. Virtual learning is a term frequently used interchangeably with online learning, e-learning, or Web-based learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         www.uen.org/distance_ed/glossary.shtml


GST BOCES has developed a blended teaching model that combines the efforts of virtual instructors, staff from our partnering schools and BOCES person­nel. This comprehensive approach promotes the de­sign of individual student plans that assess the needs of the student and create the pathways necessary for success.

                GST BOCES utilizes detailed syllabi and study guides based on the NYS Learning Standards and Common Core initiatives. NYS cer­tified teachers manage the online courses through the syllabi and study guides with course objectives and other relevant information.

                Although students work independently in their courses, they are regularly encouraged and supported by the GST BOCES Virtual Learning Coordinator, the student’s brick and mortar Site Facilitators, the Teachers of Record, Guidance Counselors and NYS certified Virtual Tutors to stay engaged and to complete their coursework. Additionally, our Teachers of Record use their ex­pertise to supplement the curriculum in various ways and supply the final course grade.

                GST BOCES currently partners with four content providers:            
                  *Advanced Academics (Connections Education)
                *APEX Learning
                *Florida Virtual


                GST BOCES virtual course offerings provide online teachers who are available through email, telephone, and online chats. Our virtual teacher function allows students, parents and appropriate staff to see an individual’s cur­rent grade, progress and the work needed to stay on track.

Throughout the process, GST BOCES sends weekly reports of a student’s progress and pin points students in need of immediate support and ensures that each student’s educational plan is relevant and effec­tive.

                Each participating student is assigned a Site Facilitator and Teacher of Record who is responsible for track­ing the student’s progress and acting as the liaison for all GST resources. The Site Facilitator and Teacher of Record contacts the student upon enrollment to lead an orientation to online learn­ing and stays in regular contact with the student to ensure adequate progress, answer questions, help with time management and be an advocate for the student’s success.