Roles of the Virtual Learning Team
Knowing the role and responsibilities for your particular job is crucial to any program's success.  Virtual Learning is no different! 

     Just because a student is taking a class virtually does not mean that they don't need appropriate support for success.  We would never put a student in a room with a book, paper and pen, close the door and say, "Let me know when you have finished your course!" This would be a recipe for failure. 

     As your program is getting off of its feet the following pages are suggestions for roles and responsibilities of the Virtual Learning Team in your district.  The teams should consist of: The GST BOCES Virtual Learning Coordinator, the District Site Facilitator, the Advanced Academics Online Tutor, the Teacher of Record (one for each subject matter a student is taking), the Guidance Counselor, and the Building Principal.  With all of these people involved, we can support the student toward success in their virtual learning program.