Role of the GST Virtual Learning Coordinator
  • Initial contact person
  • Acts as the liaison between the Districts, GST BOCES and our content providers
  • Explains how CoSer 430C works through GST BOCES for virtual learning
  • Supplies course selections and syllabi from content providers
  • Accepts registration forms and enrolls students into courses
  • Provides student accounts, usernames and passwords
  • Makes sure there is a support infrastructure in each district for virtual learning
  • District Online Support Team:                                                                                
o  GST Virtual Learning Coordinator
o  District Site Facilitator/s
o  Teacher of Record/s
o  Guidance Counselor/s
o  Principal
  • Meets with District Virtual Learning Team for training on:
-student selection process
-how to run individual progress reports for students
-shows staff how to navigate through the content providers learning platform
-explains the support infrastructure to all staff
-teaches how to hold an orientation for new students and parents
  • Will come on-site to do a student/parent orientation for larger groups
  • Runs weekly reports that are highlighted with students who are in need of immediate assistance and sends these to the District Online Support Team where district action will go into effect
  • Runs Best Practices Meetings for our Virtual Learning CoSer customers on new methods and research for virtual learning.
  • Will provide ongoing support as needed for the district
  • Will maintain the Virtual Learning website for GST BOCES.  The purpose of this website is to supply up to date information about the GST BOCES Virtual Learning Program and to act as a forum for questions, comments and best practices.