Role of the Teacher of Record

  • Teachers of Record will be assigned either by the student's home district or will contract with the GST BOCES teacher's of record
  • Will act as a primary support for students taking online course
  • Will receive a copy of the weekly report sent from the coordinator at GST BOCES
  • Should meet on a weekly basis with students who need additional support for their online course.  This is up to an agreement between the student and teacher of record.  Remediation is necessary if a student is facing difficulty with content information.  A meeting can be a brief five minute discussion or a more in depth review session.
  • The teacher of record needs to be certified in the same content area as a student’s course. This is a New York State Education Department requirement for online learning. For example, if a student is taking Algebra 1A, their teacher of record should be a certified Math teacher.  If a student is taking Algebra 1A AND US History, then they will have two teachers of record.  One for each content area.  This is to ensure that the student can have remediation if needed from a teacher within the content area.
  • The teacher of record has the ability to add additional projects, reads, assignments, test/quizzes, etc. to enhance the students overall experience in the course an to tailor the courses to meet individual student needs.
  • The teacher of record has the discretion to assign the final grade.  This means that if a student’s grade was a 70 in the online course, but the student did additional work for the teacher and maintained regular contact with the teacher, etc. the teacher of record can assign a 75 (or whatever the teacher deems appropriate due to work load).  This is also true in the event that if the student does not perform up to expectations, then the teacher of record has the right to lower the final grade.
  • The teacher of record will document all interactions with the student.