Role of the Guidance Counselor


  • Will work with the student to discuss if online learning is a viable option for their coursework and will help with student course selection
  • Will receive weekly reports for the GST BOCES coordinator
  • Sends out letter to parents about course work
  • Have participating student and parent sign a course contract that states responsibilities and expectations for the course work.
  • Will act as a third level of support for the student if problems arise in the course.  At week three into the program, if the student is not meeting expectations, the counselor will meet with the student to offer motivation for success in the course and to discuss any roadblocks.
  • At week four, if students are still unsuccessful in their AAI coursework the counselor will make the decision to have the student dropped. 
  • Will notify the GST BOCES virtual learning coordinator to officially drop students from their online course.
  • Will notify parent/guardian of student if they are dropped
  • Will notify principal if student is dropped
  • Will get final grade for online class from teacher of record upon course completion
  • Will notify principal when student has completed their online course for Carnegie Credit approval
  • Will notify registrar with final grade for course