7th Grade:
Date assigned Name of assignment Date due
9/8 Thursday Signed contract (attached to syllabus)
Download 7th Grade Life Science Course Information[1].doc
9/8 Friday
9/13 Tuesday Observations or Inferences
Download Observation or inference.pdf
9/14 Wednesday  
9/18 Monday Living or Nonliving
Download Living or Nonliving.pdf
9/20 Wednesday
Friday 9/9 Investigation one notebook
Download Diversity of Life investigation 1.pdf
9/26 Tuesday
Wednesday 10/4 Microscope labeling and use worksheet
Download Microscope labeling homework.docx
Thursday 10/5

Diversity of Life Investigation 2/3 notebook
Download Diversity of Life Investigation 2.docx


8th Grade:

*Monday 10/23:  Re quiz from Friday

*We will be doing  the first STATE required lab of the year starting Monday 10/23 and running through the whole week.  This will be very difficult to make up if students are not in class.  No homework during this week unless they need to make up a lab.

*Click here for downloadable homework sheets