Hello Everyone! Welcome to the "House of  Fun".  You have entered Mr. Fazzary's Physical Education website at the Watkins Glen Elementary School

  6th grade (mixed)
5th grade (mixed)
       4th Grade (CeCee/Dean) 
  3rd Grade (Grinolds/Purpura)

   2nd Grade (Baker/Fritz)
   1st grade (DeDominick)

                  Please Remember Sneakers on Physical Education Days
 Weeks 1 & 2 - Rules/Procedures, Jumpropes, Tag Games, Simple Games 
                                       Week 3 - Parachute Activities/American Gladiators/Jumpropes/
 Tag games/Scooter Tag               Weeks 4-8 Jog, Run Unit & Cross Country Fun Run Race

                                                        Week 9-10 Scooter ball/Swish the Fish/Tag games/Jumpropes

                                                        Weeks 11 - 14- Bean Bag Bowling/Regular Bowlins/Deck Ring Toss/Foxtails/Scooter Tag         
                                                           Weeks 15 - 19 - Basketball/Tag Games/Jumpropes/Pacman

                                                          Weeks 20-24 - Pillo Polo/Sling the Ring/Scoops/PaddlesTag Games/Jumpropes 

                                                 Weeks 25-28 - Soccer/Spider Ball & Koosh Ball Golf

                                                 Weeks 29-33 Red Cross Swim Lessons
                                                 Week 34-37 Fitness Testing/Beachball Volleyball
                                                 Weeks 38-40 -  T-Ball/Stick-Ball