Science 6 (Ms Moore)
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  Date Assigned   Date Due Assignment  
  September 8   September 11 Class Policy Read & Signed
Download 2017 Class expectations.docx
  9/25/17     STEM Variables Noteboook #1 PENDULUMS 
and notebook vocabulary

Download Variables Pendulum NB 2017.docx
Download variable vocab cards.docx

  10/24/17   Due 10/26/17 HW: Metric Length (student)Download Metric Length Student Practice 10.24.pdf
Teacher Notes

Download Using a Metric Ruler TEACHER NOTES.doc
  10/23/17     LifeBoat Student Notebook
Download Lifeboats Challenge student NB 2017.docx
  10/31/17   Due 11/2/17 Chemung County Stormwater Presentation. 
Water Conservation Technology and Practices Article
1. Read
2. Compute the Cost of Water chart
3. Check Answers
  11/7/17   Due 11/8/17 Measurement Skill 1&2 Practice (Must be fully complete with decimal and unit of measure prior to participation in 11/8 science lab)  
  11/8/17   11/9/17Slide your mass Over (pgs 1-3) Read about and color the parts of the triple beam balance
  11/13     Student Notebook: Density Engineering ChallengeDownload variables Density Engineering Challenge LIFEBOATS 2017.docx  
  11/13/17   DUE 11/14/17 HW: Read & Label the Triple Beam Balance 
Notes: How to Read the Triple Beam Balance
e sure to color the diagram.
  11/27/17   DUE 11/28/17 HW Notes given in class: "Measruing Liquid Volume"
IN CLASS: Be sure NB pages 8 - 11 are fully complete and Density graph includes accurate plots from Pure and Salt water. 
  11/30   Due 12/1 Displacement #3 Practice (SHOW WORK)  
  12/1     1. Find equivalent ratios for the cork, aluminum, steel (page 13 ratio tables)
2. Plot points on your large graph for cork (yellow), aluminum (gray), steel (purple
  12/4/17     LIfe Raft Engineering Notebook, Pages 1 - 16 (except P5) must be fully complete by 12/5/17

Benchmark #1 will be given Thursday  Download 2017 Benchmark 1 review guide.docx
  12/11/17     Webiste for Earth's Atmosphere: NASA   
  12/12/17   Due 12/13/17 Use "Elevator to Space" to complete pages 5-6 in Notebook
HW: "Atmosphere" Article 
HW: Weather AdvisoryDownload Advisory HW.docx
FOSS READING:"A Thin Blue Veil"
  12/13/17     Finish Poster (illustrations) and Flipbook (facts)
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