Science 6 (Ms Moore)
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Date Assigned Date Due Assignment
September 8 September 11 Class Policy Read & Signed
Download 2017 Class expectations.docx
September 11 September 12
Download get to know you.docx
September 12 Sept. 12 Anatonomy of the Brain (in class)
Download anatomy of Brain.pdf
Download Left Brain right brain student survey.docx
Thursday 9/ 14/17 Friday 9/15 :Focus: What's Inside? (HW:  Underline Question Evidence) 
Download Focus What's Inside Brain HW.pdf
Download Brain lobes warm up.docx

Friday, 9/15/17   Download Skills and Abilities in Science Class.docx
When I grow up, I want to be
9/18 - 9/22   Jobs of Scientist Computer Research Project
Download What Scientist Do webiste search2016.docx
9/21/17 9/22/18 Illustrated Scientist Poster 
Download Scientist
9/25/17   STEM Variables Noteboook #1 PENDULUMS 
and notebook vocabulary

Download Variables Pendulum NB 2017.docx
Download variable vocab cards.docx
9/26/17   Set up group roles; Construct Pendulum PAGE 4 (See 9/25)
9/27/17   1. Complete Pages 5 & 6 (see 9/25);
2. Vocab, P22 (System, Pendulum. (See Vocab 9/25)
3. As a team, develop a plan for testing, PAGE 7. NO HW
10/2/17   1. Warm-up; Pendulum NB, page 9 (See 9/25)
2. Set up new Plan for testing release position
3. Predictions for release position, Page 11