Science 6 (Ms Moore)
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  Date Assigned   Date Due Assignment  
  Friday, 9/7/18   September 11 Class Policy Read & Signed
Download 2018 Science Class expectations.docx
  9/10/18   Tuesday, 9/11/18 HW RESOURCE: Skills/Abilities (Please Return)
HW: (Article Read and Respond)  Collaboration
RESOURCE: "Just Listen" Video (Learning From My Peers
  9/12/18     Finish "About Me" if not finished in class. USE CM not inches for measurements.   
  9/13/18     Finish "About Me" Bar Graph using measurement data from yesterday.  
  9/19/18    IN CLASS NB Pages Page 26 Vocab, Page 8 Drawing, Page 9 Class Plan: Variables Student NB update
  1/2/18     Severe Weather Computer Research NOTEBOOK
KEEP IN HW FOLDER until project is finished
  1/3/18   Due 1/4/18 In class: Page 7 (winter storm notes)  Page 8 (hurricane) using brainpop
HOMEWORK: Watch Weather Report be prepared to discuss the wind chill advisory
  1/10/18     Severe Weather Computer Research NB 
Pages 1-3, 5-11 fully completed
PSA Script, fully completed today with team
HW: Practice Script, prepare/make/bring in props
  1/11/18     Today: Record PSA
HW As Needed: 
Practice script, prepare props Finish ELA article of the week if not done. 
  1/22/18     QUIZ TUESDAY: Weather Terms and Instruments  
  1/22/14     HEAT TRANSFER NB (Weather #4) Keep in Science Notebook
  1/29/18   Wednesday's Super Moon, Blue Moon & Lunar Eclipse
  1/29/18   IN CLASS Notes (page 10)
Reading "Thermometer" Pages 11 - 13Download Reading a Thermometer FOSS reading.pdf
  2/1/18     HW: Finish Earth Materials Graph   
  2/2/18     Warm-up: NB pgs 8 - 9
Set up and complete (task 1) Heat Transfer Lab pages 14 - 15
  2/8/18   IN CLASS Heating the Atmosphere Reading
Complete NB pages 20, 22-23 (must be finished by the end of class Friday)
  2/8/18    Science Fair Information  
  2/9/18   IN CLASS Finish INV #4 NB Pages 1-3, 5-23 
View "Heat & Energy" and "Thermometer" 
      NOTEBOOKInvestigation #5 Student Notebook  
  2/16/18   Air mass Lab Density Calculations Page 6 
ir Mass Simulator
  2/21/18      Convection Demonstration in class; you will need to get notes from a peer when you return
Notes Page 9 - 12
  2/22/18     "Convection" reading; Complete 5 good facts
"Heat and Energy" 
"Heat and Energy" Word Document (if you do not have a computer)
HW: STUDY for TEST TUESDAY study guide
  3/1/18     Bill NYE "Wind" Video
?Test Correction WS
Download What is Air .pdf
Download Heating the Atmosphere.pdf
  3/6/18   Ivestigation 6 & 7  Student Notebook  
      Interactive WATER CYCLE diagram & Resources Water Cycle Interactive
  3/12/18   IN CLASS Reading 1. Complete Warm-up front side
2. List seven facts (including definitions) as you read "Dragon's Breath" 3. Answer the "ticket out" questions after you read. Hand in
  3/13 - 3/20   Cloud Charts & RESOURCES Naming Clouds VIDEO
Weather Wiz Kids Clouds
UCAR; Types of Clouds
NOAA website cloud chart
  3/14   Weather wiz kids site 1. Page 13 High/Low pressure chart
  3/15      Green Resource Book Pgs 38 - 42 "Observing Clouds"
Clouds Class WS
  3/19/18   Air Mass & Fronts Resources Fronts Simulators
Weather Wiz Kids
  3/19/18     In Class Map Skills
HW: "Highs and Lows: Air Pressure" Answer all, including the written response
  3/22/18     Storyboard That Flipchart! Water Cycle project
Word BankDownload vocabulary 6 & 7.docx
  3/26/18     Video: Map Skills Geography and Latitude
Air Mass Notes

Map Skills: Circles of Latitude

Air Mass Flipchart
  4/3/18    Marking Period 4 Begins Seasons Student Notebook: (Planets Inv#1)
  4/4/18     HW: Climate (
  4/10/18     HW: None (If able, bring a non-LED flashlight so we can explore sunlight angle. We will keep this in our classroom until finished.)
Seasons pages 6-7 (
  4/12     Solar Angle (in class activity) with flashlights
  4/13     1. Watch Brainpop "Seasons"
2.  Read Seasons & finish NB pages 22-23,  18-20
2. Seasons Reading & NB Pages
  4/16     The following Planet #1 NB pages should be complete:
1-3, 5-7, 9 (notes), 10 (Wendy Reading), Bottom of 12, 16-24, 27 (Explanation)
CLAIM/EVIDENCE: Tuesday-Wednesday
  4/16     Warm-up (Sun/Earth model practice)
Self check
  4/18     Notes P 20-21

Notebook Due Thursday: (Checklist)
Seasons Quiz Study Guide
Seasons Study GuideANSWERS
  4/30   Penguin Challenge~ HW# 1: Water Bottle Assignment Due 5/3/18

HW # 2:Engineering Card Due 5/4/18
  5/1   Tower Challenge, Task 1 Tower Reflection #2
  5/2   Trays & Spoons Task 2 & 3Thermal  Insulators and Conductors
  5/16     Penguin Budget (Excel)
Pengun Shelter Reflection #1 (individual)
  5/21/18   Planetary NB #2 
Student Notebook
  5/18     Designing From Scratch Article HW (
Penguin Claim/Evidence, Vocab
  5/22   Moon Phases In class: NB pages 4 - 6 (What is a model? Size of moon, distance between Earth and Moon)

HW: Phases of the Moon ArticleDownload Moon Phase K12reader.pdf
  5/24   Distance and Gravity  Jumping on the Moon
Class notes and Gravity article. If you were absent, you must complete the gravity (Isaac Newton) article in place of this activity.
  5/29/18     Moon Notebook Pages 10 & 14
  6/5/18     Planet Exploration
NASA site
  6/11/18     Final Exam Review Guide Answer Key
        Atmosphere Review website