Science 6 (Ms Moore)
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2018 - 2019 Homework, Classwork, Resources

  Date Assigned   Date Due Assignment  
  Friday, 9/7/18   September 11 Class Policy Read & Signed
Download 2018 Science Class expectations.docx
  9/10/18   Tuesday, 9/11/18 HW RESOURCE: Skills/Abilities (Please Return)
HW: (Article Read and Respond)  Collaboration
RESOURCE: "Just Listen" Video (Learning From My Peers
  9/12/18     Finish "About Me" if not finished in class. USE CM not inches for measurements.   
  9/13/18     Finish "About Me" Bar Graph using measurement data from yesterday.  
  9/19/18    IN CLASS NB Pages Page 26 Vocab, Page 8 Drawing, Page 9 Class Plan: Variables Student NB update
  10/1/18   HW: GRAPH In class notes on 
Independent/Dependent Variables (HW) How to set up graph
  10/3/18   HW: Finish Claim
Notes Page 16-17
Claim set-up (include standard pendulum, one shorter string, one longer string as evidence
Quiz Concepts to studyDownload QUIZ 1 Pendulum Concepts to know.docx
  10/4/18    Test Friday 1. Finish NBpages 20-21 (controlled experiment)
2. Hand in "Graph Packet" with clain
3. Practice/Self Check"Variables Pre-Test"
4. Study Practice Test
5. Finish NB pages 1-21, 26-27
  10/5/18     1. Hand in (owed) Pendulum Length Graph & claim/Evidence/Reasoning statment
2. Hand in Pendulum NB (pgs 1-21, 26,27)
3. Take test
  10/18/18     Quiz  Corrections
Use index cards for each question missed. Use your Pendulum NB to ensure accurate answers. (See Example)
  10/22/18   Variables Lifeboat Notebook In class: Pages 1-6 Read/Do  
  10/23/18     Class: Finish Page 8 Experiment #1
HW: NB pages 14 - 17 Read, do (TRY ALL); This must be done prior to doing Wednesday's Experiment. 
  10/29/18    Titanic WebQuest HW: Finish Webquest:  Due Tuesday 10/30/18  
  11/7     Class Titanic Engineering Rubric
HW Measuring ;Mass Triple beam Balance
  11/14   The Weather Channel Class: NB page 9 & 11 (mass of pure water, salt water)

HW: Watch a local Weather Report"Severe Weather"
        Resource: Intellicast  
  11/26/18     In Class: Pages 9-12
Set up Density Graph (Pure Water...BLUE)
  11/27/18     Density Graph:
x-axis: volume (ml), count by 2
Y-Axis: Mass(g), coung by 4
Plot Pure water, using chart on page 10 (blue)
Plot Salt Water, using data from Page 11-12 (green)
  11/28/18     In class:
1. Brainpop "measuring Matter" take paper quiz while watching
2. Page 14 - 15 begin measuring Volume (ml) and Mass(g) of five solid cubes (after graph is complete)
HOMEWORK: Sink or Float?
  11/29/18     RESOURCE
Chem4Kids:  Periodic Table for Kids
ucksters:  Kid Science: Periodic Table
  12/5/18     Density Graph due Rubric
HW "Sea Water" Due
NB pages 9-17 Fully Completed
Quiz Thursday
  12/6     Density Quiz
Post Quiz Resource: Pearl Harbor 
  12/8     Create a Model (poster) of the Earth's Atmosphere
  12/10/18     What's in the Atmosphere? 
HW: Atmopshere Chart to label
  12/18/18      Weather Notebook: Air and Atmosphere

Snow Globe HW: (Winter Solstice) Due: Thursday 11/20
  1/7/19 -     1/11/19 Electromagnetic Force:WEEK 1 Notebook
Rubrics Week 1
The Force is With You: Reading for NB Page 10

This Notebook, pages 1-11 are Due Friday 1/11/19
  2/11/19     ElectromagneticForce NB 2
FORCE Vocabulary 1 and 2
Rubic for Claim
RACE outline for claim
  2/11/19     Electromagnetic Force NB 3 (Electric Currents)
  2/11/19     Complete NB Pages 1-3
Use Purple Book Page 35-36 (Battery Diagram)
Use Purple Book Page 27 (Lightbulb Circuit Diagram)
  2/13/18   Complete NB
Page 5
Force Vocab 3  Circuits
What is Electricity? Purple Book pages 31-37
Electricity Resource DK FIND OUT Website
  2/14/15     Warm-up;Circuit diagram (study this)
Lab, NB page 6 (top only)
HW: Circuits Vocab Cross Word Due 2/15/19 (study this packet)