Helpful Parent Websites

The internet can be a fantastic tool for helping your children to expand their education.  Listed below are a few websites that I recommend checking out... 

Common Core Help!
  • Oakdale Joint Unified School District-
  • Youtube is a great resource for students/parents as many times you can find videos of teachers demonstrating specific homework assignments
  • Parent Roadmaps for all grade levels
  • This link has a variety of resources for parents and students.  Use the search box to lead you to the information you are looking for 

Parent Teacher Conference:
  • – this is from Harvard University – go to publication/resources; browse publications; family involvement & scroll down to Parent Teacher Conference Tip Sheets
  • – go to Tools & Ideas; Works4Me; search parent teachers conferences
  • – October 6, 2010 –How to Ace Parent Teacher Conferences…..this is the Wall Street Journal
  • – search parent teacher conferences
  •…..Parent Teacher Conference Questions

General Resources for Parents from the NYS Department of Education Website:

Grades 3-8 Testing Program: A Parents' Guide:

Tips for Parents from the U.S. Department of Education:

Sample NYS assessments for Grades 3-8 ELA:

*** - great games and activities for beginning readers

*** - activities that focus on letters, sounds, reading, and fun holiday activities

*** - most students receiving extra support in reading have been enrolled in Raz Kids, a great site for building fluency and comprehension.  I highly recommend parents and students to take advantage of Raz Kids at home.

***Zac Browser - a free download filled with activities and videos.  It is marketed as software for people with autism, but the activities and resources included in the download are great for all students.  The kids love it!

Don't forget that our district website has links to helpful tools as well!!!!