Welcome back, Falcons!  Hope you all had a fun and active summer!  

PE classes begin September 3, 2014.  PE classes will be shorter this year (36 mins.) but we will be seeing you all at greater fequency which means South Seneca students will be in compliance with state mandates.  This is Huge!!!!! 

Start the year off right by bringing athletic wear and sneakers to your first class.  We will be assigning lockers at that first class.

Parents:  Please encourage your students to stay active in and out of class and to come to class prepared.  PE class should not be a source of stress for your student/students!

After the first class, we will be sending home with your student the class syllabus which includes our grading policy, curriculum and expectations for a successful year in PE. 

Please check this site regularly for assessment make-up dates if your student happens to miss a class.  This is very important as missed assessments usually lead to a poor PE grade.  If you need to reach me, email is the best way at aguinan@southseneca.org

Here's to a great start everyone!!!!