ELA 7 Curriculum
We are using the NYS Common Core Modules.   We are completing one module each marking period. 

Marking Period #1:  Module 1 / A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park
  • This module studies the experiences of one of the 'Lost Boys' of the Sudan Civil War in Africa.
  • It also examines the problem of water shortage in that region and the effect it has on the people there.
  • The Guiding Question for this module is: How do culture, time, and place influence the development of a character's identity?
Marking Period #2:  Module 2 / Lyddie, by Katherson Paterson
  • This module examines working conditions through the story of a young girl who works in the cotton mills of Lowell, Massachusetts in 1843.
  • The Guiding Questions for this module are: What are working conditions, and why do they matter? / How do workers, the government, businesses, and consumers, effect change in working conditions? / Why do working conditions matter to me today?
Marking Period #3:  Module 3 /  Narrataive of the Life of Frederick Douglass (excerpts only), by Frederick Douglass
  • By the end of this module, students will understand the historical context of this text, as well as, the tools and processes they will use as they read and analyze it.  Their analysis will focus on Douglass's purpose and how he tells his story to accomplish it. 
  • The Guiding Questions for this module are: What gives stories and poems their enduring power?  /  How did Douglass's purpose and audience shape how he told his story? 
Marking Period #4: Module 4 / Screen Time and the Developing Brain
  • This module focuses on a "science and society" topic, engaging students in reading compelling informational text about adolescent brain development and the effects of entertainment screen time on the brain. 
  • The Guiding Questions for this module are: How is the adolescent brain changing?  /  Should screen time be limited?  Why or why not?  /  How can I make an informed decision about an issure and then effectively argue my position?