Course Syllabus
Mrs. Hauptman -  or 734-5078
The best times to contact me are: Monday -Friday (10:30-11:30)
The Cohen Middle School Physical Education program offers a variety of individual, small group, and teams activities for students in grades 6-8.  Students will attend class every other day throughout the school year.  There are approximately 20 classes each marking period.  Classes meet for approximately 50 minutes. Activities will be held outdoors when appropriate, and indoors when necessary.  
Units taught in Physical Education class are designed to provide students the opportunity to participate in and learn about a wide variety of individual, team and lifetime activities.  Students will learn about different components of fitness and how they are used in activities.  Students will learn about how exercise affects their body, and will be encouraged to find ways to make fitness a part of their regular routine.
Help is available any day 3rd period.  Mr. Berg and Mr. “C” are two other resources for assistance with specific Physical Education questions.  Many online resources are available such as the , , as well as local resources like the YMCA and the YWCA.
     6 graders will not have access to the locker room. 
     They are expected to wear or bring sneakers for class on their assigned days.
     Students will be given time to get shoes from their hallway locker and return them after class.
     7-8 graders will have access to the locker room and will be provided with a lock.
     Students are expected to wear acceptable shorts, or sweats/wind pants and a t-shirt/sweatshirt.
     We do go outside in the spring and fall, so layers of clothing are helpful.
     Students should NOT wear tank tops, spandex, or “cheer” shorts. 
Daily expectations include:

  • Being prepared and on time for class

  • Listening to instructions asking questions when information is unclear


  • Correctly completing the entire warm-up at the  beginning of class


  • Trying your best, regardless of the activity

    treating others with respect


  • Using equipment properly


  • Being honest and responsible for your actions (inactions)


  • Complete all quizzes and benchmark assessments (practical, written, oral)


Consequences include:
  • Unprepared (footwear)
           Student will be asked to complete safe and appropriate exercises or activities
           during class time.                                                                                        
          Student will be asked to complete written work after completing physical activity.
           Minor Incident Report filed each time student cannot participate because of footwear.
           Parent will be contacted after second time student is unable to participate.           
  • Unprepared (not changed)
            Verbal reminder
            Reminder that the student’s choice is affecting their PE grade
            If the student is unprepared 3 times, parents will be notified by phone or e-mail.
  • Consequences for unacceptable/unsafe behavior, poor sportsmanship, poor effort:
             Verbal reminder of acceptable behavior/attitude/effort
             Brief time out of activity
             Removal from activity with written work           
             Make up missed activity at another time
             Removal from next class(es) with written work assigned
             Office referral
             Phone call or e-mail
Each day students are graded in 5 categories, 20 points each for a possible total of 100 points.

  1. Prepared (10 points) and On time (10 points)

  2. Sponge activity (10) and Warm-up (10)


  3. Participation  20 points


  4. Sportsmanship 20 points


  5. Knowledge 20 points


Each day students can receive 100 points in class.

Final grades will be given as, Honors (93-100), Pass (65-92), or Fail (below 65).